President of Ukraine


Ukrainians! We are going through the worst ordeal in our history. In our lives. We protect the most precious thing we have. We must hold on. We must fight. And we will win. I know that. I believe in that.

The Russian invaders cannot conquer us. They do not have such strength. They do not have such spirit. They are holding only on violence. Only on terror. Only on weapons, which they have a lot. But the invaders have no natural basis for normal life. So that people can feel happy and dream

News releases March 2022

Signals from the negotiations can be called positive, but they do not silence the explosion of Russian shells - address by the President of Ukraine

| 29 March 2022 - 22:53

Wise people of a strong country!

The 34th day of the full-scale invasion of Russia and our full-scale defense is coming to an end. Successful defense.

I'm sure you saw the news today that the Russian military command allegedly decided to "reduce hostilities in the directions of Kyiv and Chernihiv"

A group of experts will be established at the Office of the President of Ukraine to analyze the observance of sanctions against Russia - Volodymyr Zelenskyy

| 29 March 2022 - 09:33

An expert group will be set up at the Office of the President of Ukraine within a week to monitor and analyze compliance with international sanctions against Russia. After all, it is important for Ukraine that sanctions packages against the Russian Federation are effective. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his address

Speech by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the Parliament of Japan

| 23 March 2022 - 12:37

It is a great honor for me, the President of Ukraine, to address you for the first time in the history of the Japanese Parliament.

Our capitals are separated by a distance of 8 thousand 193 kilometers. On average, it's 15 hours on a plane. Depending on the route. But what is the distance between our feelings of freedom? Between our desires to live? Between our aspirations for peace?

Address by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Italian Chamber of Deputies

| 22 March 2022 - 13:35

This morning I spoke with His Holiness Pope Francis and he said very important words: “I understand that you want peace. I understand that you have to protect yourself. Both the servicemen and civilians courageously defend the homeland. Everyone is defending the homeland."

And I replied: "Our people have become this army." They became this army when they saw the trouble the enemy was causing. The devastation it leaves behind. And the huge amount of blood it wants to shed.

By attacking Ukraine, Russia will destroy everything it has achieved over the past 25 years - address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

| 18 March 2022 - 15:35

Strong people of the indomitable country!

The 23rd day of our patriotic war continues. After eight years of war in the east.

The occupiers do not stop burning their national wealth in the war against Ukraine.

I am confident that by attacking us, they will destroy everything that Russian society has achieved over the past 25 years. And they will return to where they once began to rise from, as they say, to the "the wicked 90's".

Our tactics is when the enemy does not know what to expect from us - address by the President of Ukraine

| 18 March 2022 - 00:52

Great people of a great country!

The 22nd day of our struggle, our defense against one of the world's largest armies is over. Which we make smaller every day. Every day. But it still has numbers, equipment and reserves.

We have information that the Russian military is recruiting mercenaries from other countries, trying to deceive as many young people as possible into military service. We know that this will not help them.

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Any and all donations matter and are very much appreciated and will help Ukraine to withstand the war with Russia and finally win!

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We are pleased to introduced the artists the Palyanitsya Foundation collaborates with. Our mutual goal is to help Ukraine withstand the Russian aggression and win in this war

Magura – the daughter of war and Ukrainian Wonder Woman – is an illustrator from Ukraine.

Here we may, quite shortly, put some personal details about an artist, for example social and professional background, what artist was doing before the war and how the war has changed her life.

In more details what was happening with the artist since the war was unleashed – personal reflections, activities, events in personal life – for example marriage.

Artist’s view of how the war shall end and how Ukraine shall overcome all the difficulties.

Actually speaking, it would be better to make a short interview with the artist and compose this sort of message as a result, the question is if it’s is possible and will conduct such interview.

On the other hand, it’s also probable that such sort of profile/message may be already available, I would guess that it could be got prepared for exhibitions of the artist, at least there is one mentioning about the exhibition at Facebook.