Except of fundraising activities and further aid to Ukraine, Ukraine’s people and Armed Forces which being conducted by the Association, even before the Association was created, we were – and still are – actively engaged into other humanitarian activities.

We are collaborating with many companies, organizations, state bodies and humanitarian foundations while supplying crucial goods and products which people in Ukraine, civilians and servicemen, need today in order to save their lives and health and to help Ukraine withstand this war and defeat the aggression. 

We are helping people in Ukraine in various ways, in particular supplying required goods and products to various organizations there, but also we are helping Ukrainian citizens and other people who are living in Ukraine – majorly women, children and elderly – who are fleeing from Ukraine to Poland and beyond.

Those people need to find place to live and further need vital goods, products and services to live a decent and calm life.

We are making very practical steps to help those people – we are supplying goods and services, we are meeting them at the border and help them go further, we are finding them places to live at and provide them with necessary goods and products, we are helping them in their everyday affairs in Poland  

We thank you very much for making your donation to Foundation Palyanitsya!

Any and all donations matter and are very much appreciated and will help Ukraine to withstand the war with Russia and finally win!

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We shall do our best to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

We are pleased to introduced the artists the Palyanitsya Foundation collaborates with. Our mutual goal is to help Ukraine withstand the Russian aggression and win in this war

Magura – the daughter of war and Ukrainian Wonder Woman – is an illustrator from Ukraine.

Here we may, quite shortly, put some personal details about an artist, for example social and professional background, what artist was doing before the war and how the war has changed her life.

In more details what was happening with the artist since the war was unleashed – personal reflections, activities, events in personal life – for example marriage.

Artist’s view of how the war shall end and how Ukraine shall overcome all the difficulties.

Actually speaking, it would be better to make a short interview with the artist and compose this sort of message as a result, the question is if it’s is possible and will conduct such interview.

On the other hand, it’s also probable that such sort of profile/message may be already available, I would guess that it could be got prepared for exhibitions of the artist, at least there is one mentioning about the exhibition at Facebook.