Independence Day of Ukraine

Katowice, Poland – August 24, 2022

Long back in 1991, 31 years ago, on 24th of August the parliament of Ukraine adopted and declared Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. Ukraine was declared as independent state with its territory being indivisible and inviolable and Ukrainian Constitution and laws being the sole acts valid on the territory of the state.

Interesting fact to note, the Act has been adopted by the state body which, strictly speaking, was not named a parliament; back then its name was inherited from the former USSR political tradition what, however, did not matter as nation and its deputy representatives have shown their aspiration to freedom and independence, so archaic name was the least issue to care about along that independence journey.

It’s also notable fact to be noted, a national referendum was run in December 1991 the purpose of which was to ask all people of Ukraine to express opinion whether they were supporting the declaration of independence or not. The declaration of independence was supported by about 90% out of about 84% of Ukraine’s nationals who participated in the referendum.

Within a couple of years Ukraine was recognized as independent state by majority of nations with russia being among the group of countries which recognized Ukraine’s independence the first – in particular еру president of russian federation Boris Yeltsin recognized independence of Ukraine the day following the day of national referendum.

Today the Ukrainians demonstrate even higher degree of aspiration to freedom and independence as the whole country is fighting – and does that very successfully – back russian aggression; all people whether they are servicemen or civilians are not going to surrender and are ready to go to the very edge and win.

We congratulate Ukraine and all Ukrainian people with Independence Day! We do believe that victory over the evil is not that far away and we are sure that free and democratic Ukraine existed, exists and will exist, irrespective of the hardships and sorrow the country and its people are experiencing now.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

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We are pleased to introduced the artists the Palyanitsya Foundation collaborates with. Our mutual goal is to help Ukraine withstand the Russian aggression and win in this war

Magura – the daughter of war and Ukrainian Wonder Woman – is an illustrator from Ukraine.

Here we may, quite shortly, put some personal details about an artist, for example social and professional background, what artist was doing before the war and how the war has changed her life.

In more details what was happening with the artist since the war was unleashed – personal reflections, activities, events in personal life – for example marriage.

Artist’s view of how the war shall end and how Ukraine shall overcome all the difficulties.

Actually speaking, it would be better to make a short interview with the artist and compose this sort of message as a result, the question is if it’s is possible and will conduct such interview.

On the other hand, it’s also probable that such sort of profile/message may be already available, I would guess that it could be got prepared for exhibitions of the artist, at least there is one mentioning about the exhibition at Facebook.